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People pay you to listen… Not quite.

I’m back!  Baby is 9 months old… she has been out in this world longer than she was in my tummy! CRAZY! I’ve spent the last few months in amazement at all the new things she’s learning while also in utter exhaustion because I started work again.  Being a working mommy is hard.  However, I continue to realize what I do is important for the people I serve and for my daughter to see that it is ok to get help.  In life nothing and no one is perfect; but there is a place you can go for some much needed reflection to move closer to your best self.  That place is therapy.


Not much time for rest with these two!

So what do I do anyway as a counselor?

I’ve had several people ask me, “So, people come, lay on your couch, and you get paid to listed to their problems?” This description implies a very passive counselor; a counselor that really just passes the time half listening and providing only a head nod.  This is in fact not what I do at all.  Let me explain to you why a visit with me may in fact change your outlook on life.

pexels-photo-256472Thought Shaping – Mental Health Counseling:

It is my belief the core of all challenges is your mindset.  In fact, my favorite quote  by Epictetus is, “Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them.”  How would your life be different if you could shift your thinking on a number of challenges in your life right now?  I am not proposing a “fake it till you make it” approach or lying to yourself.  I am proposing spending time challenging your thoughts in a way that allows you to move toward your life goals regardless of the circumstances in front of you.  Once you have challenged your thinking, you can operate with the realities of life and make concrete plans to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Now, there can be challenges along the way.  Any number of mental health challenges make this shift difficult.  However, you can learn skills to reshape your attitude and behaviors. Acceptance, change, and nurturing support can defeat anxiety, depression, bipolar, attention issues, trust issues, and much more (clinical or not).

A trained counselor can help you not only learn these skills but provide a safe space to practice them.  My job is to help you accept all parts of yourself and design a way to work within the world the best you can.  With this, everything is possible.

Goal Directed Support – Coaching:pexels-photo-545067

Building off the foundation of mental health counseling, is the benefit of goal directed support.  Once your mindset is solid, you can begin to really identify what you want from life.  You know who you are and are paving forward in a clear direction.  However, you feel like something is blocking you from executing the plan.  This is where I come in.  As an outsider I am able to provide objective feedback on your attitude and behaviors that create dissonance.  We make a plan truly aligned with not just what you want but with how you actually operate.  Steps catered just for you and your heart’s desires.  In addition to this, we discuss ways to build internal motivation to protect against habits (mental and physical) that delay personal growth.

Total Wellness Advocate:


Downdog baby-asana.  Baby’s need mind-body work too.

With a sound mind and a clear direction, it is important the engine runs well to maintain steam.  Dr. Edmund Jacobson, a psychiatrist known for relaxation techniques stated, “An anxious mind cannot exist in a relaxed body.”  The mind-body connection is powerful.  Just like a car, if you take care of what’s under the hood you’ll have no problem getting where you need to go.  Taking care of your body through a healthy diet and exercise will not only give you more energy but improve your mental state! My job as a counselor is to help you evaluate multiple areas of wellness to ensure all parts of your body are working as efficiently as they can.  If changes need to be made, we can address all the barriers that have been challenging in the past.  This leads back to the first section on mental health; often by tacking our psychological challenges we can begin to take better care of ourselves inside and out.

So what do I do?

What I do is more than listening.  My job is to be a guide, a support system, a safe space, a teacher, a coach, and a mirror.   My job is to challenge faulty thinking that has kept you stuck.  My job is to help you become unstuck, first mentally than behaviorally.  My job is to help you live the life you’ve always wanted to live.  Therapy is work but work we do together.  Come sit on my couch… let’s talk … let’s create … let’s do yoga or any other type of physical activity you like… let’s build your best life.


Added services:

  • Wellness Counseling:  Creation of a personal “reset button” plan to get you moving toward your goals.  This plan will cover multiple areas of wellness for a total reset or “jump start” for goals you already have in the works.  Weekly meetings with mid week personalized accountability emails.  Option to add phone calls for an additional fee.
  • Yoga for mental health: Private or group sessions using yoga for mental growth.  This may look like breath work for anxiety, pose progressions to build confidence to challenge depression, mental health informed motivational messages, and meditation or mindfulness practices.  However, this experience is catered for each client’s personal goals and will vary based on needs.

For further details please contact me through the website below.


Sometimes we can “therapize” ourselves and other times we can not seem to figure out why things are so difficult.  If you would like to meet with me to explore ways to become your best self, feel free to contact me (http://www.elisedaviscounseling.com).  I offer individual therapy in private, comfortable spaces in Raleigh, NC and Durham, NC.  Information about cost of services, insurance options, and availability can be found on the website.   

If you are interested in integrating movement through yoga into your therapy process or personalized workshops please contact me via the same website.   

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Elise Nicole Davis